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Drinkin my Juice

While all of y’all are on these eating methodologies and so forth, I’m sitting here drinkin’ my juice. Turns out that when I am stuck at home (since the greater part of my companions are eating kale and spinach and roots and the greater part of that jazz), I wind up doing parcels and loads of formula advancement.

All the more new chomps and mixes are dependably something to be thankful for, particularly when it’s another year. I’m not much for resolutions and all, but rather if I somehow managed to nail down something that I needed to take a shot at enhancing this year, it would find up on turning the gigantic rundown of formula thoughts in my telephone into reality.

drinks for me

I’m set for a conventional begin subsequent to nailing this new mixed drink. Some great ol’ thinkin’ juice (Whiskey), consolidated with what I’m almost certain I was given in a jug as an infant (sweet tea), makes for the ideal base to this spritzy sipper. A couple other basic increments, finished with some shimmering air pockets, and we are prepared to kick into high rigging for the year.

With this new year, will roll out a couple of improvements to the blog. You’ll soon(ish) see another outline, more substance, and I will incorporate a greater amount of my travel nibbles in with the general mish-mash. — I get a considerable measure of inquiries from every one of you dazzling perusers out there. A considerable measure of you approach about recommendations for where to eat in Nashville, why those finicky macarons didn’t work, what I did to become my Instagram, and so forth. With these messages, I began seeing a pattern.

“Hello young lady… “, “Ms Greasy” (dead genuine), “Ma’am”. The vast majority think I am a 25 year old young lady that sits at home and prepares treats throughout the day. Turns out, I’m most certainly not. I’m an aggregate geeky marginally more established than-25 year old fella that would love to sit at home and heat treats throughout the day. I have a real day-work thing. Adulting is hard, so heating and the blog is the means by which I adjust my life out a bit. My outlet. That is truly how the subject of blog came to be.

When I’m not at home playing barkeep, I’m grinding away (contemplating playing barkeep). I’m a Tumor Exploration Researcher at a nearby College here in great ol’ Nashville. I’m in my sixth year working in scholarly research in view of concentrate some super-particular unusual insights about how bosom malignancy functions.

I think this truly clarifies a considerable measure regarding why I appreciate heating and blending drinks to such an extent. It’s all very specialized, and everything about. There is a proportion to pretty much every awesome formula. An impeccable adjust of sweet and cheeky to each mixed drink. Turns out that a researcher can’t desert the science at work. I certainly bring that side of me into the kitchen.

While I may not regularly set up this insane apparatus to build up a mixed drink (simply because I’m somewhat languid… and this stuff is overwhelming), I can’t resist the urge to grasp the geek inside by being somewhat jazzed about offering this side of me to y’all. Blending whiskey and sweet tea with a sprinkle of triple sec, orange biters, and shimmering water is the sort of science that everybody can appreciate.

I’m glad to have collaborated with my buddies over at Shining Ice to build up this mixed drink and share somewhat about how I keep things energizing in the Greasy kitchen. Shining Ice makes a line of Quintessence Of shimmering waters. I’m one of those individuals that doesn’t deal with straight up water exceptionally well. It’s simply so… ehhhh. The Shining Ice Pith Of waters have a sprinkle of dynamic flavors conveyed into your manifestations by a huge amount of shimmering little air pockets. It’s energetic, crisp, and is the ideal buddy for mixed drinks. I adore it with a whiskey on the stones. It’s additionally decent to realize that what you are including does exclude a solitary simulated flavor, shading, or calorie.

I chose to attempt the Quintessence Of Tangerine with this mixed drink to help things up a bit and sprout the whiskey a bit. — It completely did. A touch of citrus mixed impeccably with the whiskey.

Completed with some tangerine pizzazz, mint, and a superbly symmetrical sugar 3D square (since I’m somewhat over the top that way), and this examination was a win!

Tree Fell on my House

So for once I’m not going to write about food.

I had a tree fall on my home after the winter storm the other day and I have to tell you, I haven’t been in the mood to do much cooking. All I can do is think about my home and the expense I’m about to incur … Not just to repair my home but to remove this tree.

For those of you who have no idea what it cost to remove a tree , it usually depends on the size of the tree in the equipment and needed to remove it. Huge trees that are tall and wide are real big pain in the butt. And as luck would have it, that’s what fell on my home. The cost to remove this tree according to the first guy who came out. Was about $4,000. I was like, you have got to be kidding me!

So I called another tree company that does tree removal in Fairfax VA and they came out within the hour. I think the guy’s name was Mario… He did a good job of talking me down off the ledge. He only charged me about $2,500. I say “only”…but it is still going to hurt having to write that check. I guess I should just be thankful that the dogs and I are all safe and no one was hurt in the storm.

I can’t wait for life to get back to normal … I can’t get used to driving home and seeing a large tree protruding from my bedroom. The guys at G&V Tree and Landscaping Services are coming out tomorrow morning so I’m very thankful to them. After meeting Mario, I’m really glad I found them online. Funny story… I was actually on YouTube looking Idaho to remove this tree myself when I found his video.

Hopefully I’ll be back to writing about food soon! Till then. Be safe and Bon Appetit .

Welcome Southern Lovers of Food and Life

Welcome to Southern Epicure…a blog by Sally about food, friends, family and the lives we lead. I’m honored your here to read what I’m writing and I’m anxious to share more about the things I love in Southern Georgia.

I found this video the other day and it made me laugh. The rest of America doesn’t know what it’s missing! Southern food is absolutely amazing and we all love it!

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